About 3D Printinn

The overreaching objective of the present 3DPrintInn project is to utilize non-woody biomass such as crop residues, plant biomass side streams to develop novel renewable biobased 3D printable polymeric UV-curable inks that mimic wood properties. The developed biobased polymeric inks will have the potential to replace presently oil-based raw components and implement smart manufacturing through the use of for additive manufacturing (AM) and thus efficiently contributing to the burgeoning a bio- and circular economy. This novel concept will be validated and tested (performance service life durability stability mechanical properties) for the prototypes of wood based industry and plastic product sector. Such ambitious objective requires the establishment of a consortium with key knowledge and competences covering different aspects of chemical engineering, nanofibres and nanoparticles, wood-based products, 3D printing and industrial manufacturing, which is established in the present project.

3D print 4 the win!

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